We are proud of our 100% safety record!

Safety, security, and thrill of our customers are our top priorities at Bloukrans Bungy. As world leaders in our industry with a legacy dating back to 1990, our commitment to safety is ingrained in every venture we undertake. We adhere diligently to international industry standards, ensuring your safety journey is as exhilarating as the adventures themselves. 

Cutting-Edge Equipment for Maximum Safety

Your safety is paramount, and we spare no effort to ensure it. We deploy the latest technologies and safety equipment meticulously designed by seasoned experts to meet stringent standards. Our equipment undergoes rigorous internal regulatory controls, and our unwavering commitment to quality assurance ensures that every piece is fit for your adventure. We never compromise on safety – it’s a promise we stand by, always.

Your health matters

While adventure fuels our spirits, your health is our top priority. We consider a range of medical conditions, including pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart conditions, neurological disorders, epilepsy, acute or chronic knee/back issues, and conditions affecting the skeleton, muscles, or nervous system. While some of these may prompt us to have a conversation about your participation, they don’t necessarily exclude you from joining in the excitement.  Please chat with our experienced team if you have any uncertainties, and we will guide you accordingly. In some cases, we may request a medical certificate to ensure your well-being during the activity. Your safety always comes first, and we are here to make your adventure as safe as it is thrilling!