Founded by  daredevils 

Bloukrans Bungy was born from a burning desire to bring the electrifying rush of bungy jumping to the marvellous landscapes of South Africa. Our adventure mecca found its heart at the Bloukrans Bridge – an architectural marvel that rises 216 meters above the Bloukrans River Gorge. What started as a daring vision became a reality in 1990 when we opened the doors to, Gouritz Bungy and Bridge Swing first, and then later launched the Bloukrans Bungy in 1997, offering the world an opportunity to leap into the unknown from Africa’s highest bridge.

Committed to excellence

We take immense pride in our flawless and proudly earned impeccable 100% safety record. A remarkable achievement that sets us apart in the industry. Yet, we didn’t stop at just one achievement; we aimed even higher. With six Guinness World Record titles under our belt, including the prestigious title of the “World’s Best Bungy,” we have established ourselves as trailblazers in adventure tourism.

Beyond bungy

Over the years, we’ve ventured beyond the bungy jump, introducing new dimensions of exhilaration. The SkyWalk Tour was added to our roster, offering an alternative adventure for those who seek thrills without the leap. This guided tour not only allows participants to walk on the suspended catwalk beneath the bridge, but also offers a front row seat to witness the astonishing feats of bungy jumpers in action at the unique Hang Out Zone. This experience is exclusive to Africa, where this incredible adventure can be accomplished.

Redefining fear

Our journey has been defined by the relentless pursuit of redefining limits, confronting fears, and creating memories that last a lifetime. Face Adrenalin has evolved into more than just an adventure destination; it’s a sanctuary for dreamers, for those who crave the extraordinary, and for those who believe that life’s most unforgettable moments reside on the edge of the unknown.

Legends on the edge

Our iconic Bloukrans Bungy has welcomed an array of notable figures, including Prince Harry, Jack Osbourne, and many more. From political figures like Thabo Mbeki to renowned athletes like Kelly Slater and Andy Irons, our bungy bridge attracts both the celebrated and the curious. The thrill of Bloukrans bridges gaps between fame and adventure.